Sutton is kicking off 2021 with a new blog series. In an effort to get to know our internal sales team, we are sitting down to discuss business and market conditions. First up is Real Estate Associate Broker Stephen Saleski

SUTTON: What change has been most difficult for you as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?


SS: The biggest challenge that I’ve personally encountered with the COVID-19 pandemic has been compliance with the ever changing rules for showings and the paperwork to be completed and maintained. People continue to want to do business, so I’ve tried to do it in a safe and conforming manner. NYSAR was a good source of information and updates, and continues to be helpful in maintaining compliant practices.


SUTTON: How is Sutton encouraging teamwork?


SS: Sutton’s culture is one of unity and collaboration. I’ve been treated like family since I started and that is a consistent sentiment that I’ve heard from people throughout our organization. There has been constant communication from management throughout this pandemic. They’ve demonstrated constant care and concern for employees, tenants and clients, providing financial and technological resources to help us weather this storm. Our team has remained positive, motivated and dedicated to help us succeed and I’m proud and happy to be a part of it.


SUTTON: What areas of your work are still strong?


SS: The industrial sector has remained the strongest, as demand for warehouse space continues. Land acquisition and development activity hasn’t diminished as I thought it might. Not surprisingly though, a slowdown in office and retail activity has been apparent. I’m part of a team at Sutton that has been active in the hospitality sector. We’ve seen significant investment activity in hotel properties, in anticipation of a significant recovery down the road. I’ve only had one deal that was a casualty of the pandemic. The rest have progressed slowly but steadily. We have closed two hotel deals recently and another is scheduled to close soon.

SUTTON: How do you expect the market to look six months from now?


SS: I’m hopeful the vaccines will inspire confidence to open back up the economy and people’s desire to resume normal activities will keep us on the path of robust growth.


SUTTON: Are there any changes you’ve made that you personally hope will continue?


SS: I’ve dedicated more time to personal and professional development and hope to continue to maintain time in my schedule for both.


SUTTON: What is one thing you wish you could tell yourself a year ago?


SS: Focus more on short-term rather than long-term goals and be more flexible and prepared to navigate changes more quickly.

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