For the month of February, we sat down with real estate salesperson Richard Robb to learn about his work in the industry and to discuss the CRE market.


SUTTON: What sector of CRE do you mainly focus on?

RR: I’m a generalist by nature so my practice is to get involved in all niches of commercial real estate including raw land. My interest grew from working many years in public land use – planning and developing – at the village, town and county-level.

SUTTON: What change has been most difficult for you as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

RR: As we all know, activity slumped in early 2020 due to the pandemic. But people slowly acclimated to a new normal with continuous recovery now evident (although several real estate sectors have lagged such as office and some retail subsectors). By way of contrast, warehouse, industrial and flex space demand has dramatically increased.

Entering the 2nd year of COVID, I find that prevention is the watchword for all activity. Our team (along with the rest of the CRE world) had a learning curve surrounding Covid rules and regulations. We had to learn on the go… “What Covid assessments and disclaimer forms should we use and where do we get these? Should we travel solo? How can we socially distance during inspections? Do we have to be masked during all in-person discussions?” It was a lot to get used to!

SUTTON: What is one goal of yours for 2021 here at Sutton?

RR: My simple goal for 2021 is to show clients and customers through healthy practices that they can buy, sell or lease property without fear or harm. I have become a more hygienic person, especially when it comes to interacting with clients.

SUTTON: How is Sutton encouraging teamwork?

RR: Sutton Real Estate is a small, full-service real estate company that invites and reinforces cooperation among all staff and departments. From professional development opportunities to training and safe social activities, Sutton practices an “open door” management style that challenges and supports everyone.

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