Now that the world has loosened restrictions and people are redefining their independence again, you may be considering a move. If you’re on the fence about whether or not an apartment might be right for you, read on:

Maintenance – First, and arguably the leading reason to rent, is the ability to rely on a property manager when problems arise in your apartment. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you have a built in safety net. The cost of repairs lands with the landlord/manager rather than the renter. Apartment buildings who utilize property managers are able to deal with issues quickly and hassle free. 

Cheaper Bills – Usually, many things are included in your monthly rent bill for an apartment, like electric, gas, water, security, trash collection, and sometimes more. It’s also cheaper to heat and cool an apartment rather than a house because of the square foot difference.

Amenities – Most apartment buildings these days have the basic in-unit amenities such as AC, granite countertops, and a dishwasher. But community amenities have become so important to tenants over the years, it’s easy to find an apartment complex that offers extra perks, like in-house gyms, pools, and community rooms. And better yet, the higher end apartments have even more to offer, such as guest suites for family and friends, spas, and valet trash service. 

No Mortgage – All you need is money for a deposit for an apartment. No mortgage necessary or large down payment, and you usually have the opportunity to collect your deposit back at the end of your lease if you choose to move out!

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