As most of us anxiously wait for the New Year and hopefully a return to some of our normal routines we would like to wish all of our staff, clients and the people in the community a happy and safe holiday season.  Safe and healthy really means something this year.

Who would have thought a year ago we would be in the place we are in today? For many of us, the last ten months have caused us to rethink the way we live, work and behave in our daily routine. For others, the economic and personal impact has been more challenging and in some cases catastrophic. Some have been impacted more than others-this disease did not play favorites.

We would like to thank everyone in our Company and Community that have made a difference in the lives of those that have been seriously impacted by health issues, personal challenges and economic hardship. But we live in an extraordinary community and when the chips are down there are always people ready to rise to the occasion.

We would like to share something that occurred this week at one of our apartment communities. A tenant asked the manager if there was someone in particular that needed help during the Holidays. In her words, she wanted to pay it forward because she felt fortunate her individual circumstances were not effected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the tenant paid a complete stranger’s rent for December and January. No fan fair just someone that felt like giving back. For us, regardless what your beliefs are and how you celebrate the holidays, this is the true spirit of the Christmas season.

We believe better times are ahead and wish everyone a safe and healthy Holiday Season.


Louis G. Fournier

CPM, President

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