Our Valued Residents:


With the growing concern of the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, Sutton Real Estate is adopting the following practices in order to preserve the health and safety of our employees and residents.

We remind all our employees and residents to use reasonable precautions such as hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, disinfectant, wipes etc. ESPECIALLY when returning from public spaces.

Our maintenance staffs have been provided with specific guidelines increasing the amount of daily disinfecting being performed at all of our properties including cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces multiple times daily.  Our staff will be wearing latex gloves while on duty.

All employees and residents are encouraged to self-assess daily for typical COVID-19 indicators, including cough, sore throat, body aches and fever.  Anyone with such indicators is strongly encouraged to seek medical attention immediately.  Any employee with such indicators may not come into the workplace.

Our rental offices will be closed to the public until further notice.  We value the health of both our residents and our employees and are following the guidelines provided to us.  If you have an immediate concern or emergency, please do not hesitate to contact the management office directly at 315.424.1111.  Our managers and our maintenance staff are working reduced schedules and our goal is to have someone available to respond to concerns and emergencies every day.  If you are unable to reach someone in the office please leave a message with our answering service and they will dispatch the appropriate personnel.  All managers will be checking emails daily.

Rental payments can and should still be dropped off in the rental drop box.  The drop box will be checked daily and rent payments will continue to be processed in a timely manner.  In the interest of limiting personal contact we highly recommend that you use the link for online payments via Payrentchex as the preferred method of payment.

We thank you for your understanding and support and we hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy during this challenging time.

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