As of June 12th, the Central New York region was approved for Phase 3 Re-opening and we are pleased to announce all our employees have returned to work.

As of June 15th, Sutton’s employees have return to their normal scheduled working hours in our main office. We will continue to follow the recommended re-opening guidelines and follow safety and sanitizing procedures to ensure that we are maintaining a clean and safe workplace. Our office has also re-opened to the public with safety protocols and restrictions in place.

Regarding our properties, our rental offices have re-opened to the public with safety protocols and restrictions in place.

All public and community gathering spaces will continue to be closed to the public until further notice.

Because the safety of our employees is a top priority, we will continue to take sanitizing and disinfecting very seriously in all of our offices and shared spaces. The main office has just completed a substantial upgrade to the HVAC system to ensure optimal air quality in the office. Masks will continue to be required.

At the main office and in each outside property office, we have required our managers to set up a health self-assessment and sanitizing station. Free masks and gloves will continue to be made available to all employees and visitors.

A special thanks to all our employees that worked their regularly scheduled hours in our essential buildings. While some staff were able to work remotely, others were required to staff our medical and residential buildings. Our many thanks to those dedicated employees that kept our buildings operating during the worst of the pandemic.


Louis G. Fournier

CPM, President

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