Karen Cannata-LaRocca, Joseph J. Lewis, and Kristen Nave

Sutton stands with Ukraine.

This past week members of Sutton Real Estate attended “One Man’s Mission,” hosted at the Century Club. We participated in a presentation hosted by Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky and learned more about Help Free Ukraine, founded by Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky and his best friend, Dr. Alex Golubenko. Both men grew up in Kiev and are now proud US citizens who enjoy their freedoms while residing in NY. Since the Russian invasion began on February, 24th 2022 they have been raising money to provide medical supplies to Ukraine.

According to the Help Free Ukraine website…

“We, at Help Free Ukraine, along with other organizations and fund raisers are committed to provide any resources available with the help of likeminded and good hearted people over to hospitals and families of Ukraine. We take absolutely zero profits or administrative fees and 100% of funds raised go directly to Ukraine and supplies for Ukraine.”

Their energy is contagious, and their work has been tremendous. We’re committed to supporting their efforts and wanted to help share more information. If you’re wondering how to help, please consider making a donation https://donate.helpfreeukraine.com.

Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky, and Alex Golubenko, stand behind a truck loaded with medications and supplies donated by Central New York hospitals.

What you can do beyond making a donation

Share our social and blog posts, and message with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Please consider helping Sutton spread the word about the amazing work Help Free Ukraine is doing. 

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