For the month of April, we sat down with Real Estate Salesperson Ken Tyminski to learn about his work in the industry and to discuss the CRE market.


SUTTON: What sector of CRE do you mainly focus on? What is your favorite?  

KT: I have been doing commercial real estate  for almost 20 years.  I have great experience in industrial, retail, and office, doing both leases and sales. As of recent, I have been doing more investment property work.

SUTTON: How/why have you come to work more on investment properties? What do you enjoy about this? 

KT: Investment properties always came naturally to me. In my opinion, a true master of this craft does not simply fill in a generic numbers sheet. Getting the real expenses up front saves a lot of time. I’ll find that more deals actually close because there are no surprises that pop up during closing. I’m grateful that I learned this no-nonsense approach to getting a deal done. 

SUTTON: What changes have been most difficult for you as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

KT: I prefer conference calls over Zoom. Zoom can be distracting and I find it better to be face to face with people.

SUTTON: How do you expect the market to look six months from now?

KT: In my opinion, the commercial real estate office and retail market will fluctuate. The pandemic has made some companies realize that people can do things from home and prefer to do things from home, which can save companies a lot of money.

SUTTON: How do you create/keep up your client base?

KT: If you do a good job, clients call you back and you will build up your list over time The key is to be honest with clients and other brokers.

SUTTON: What do you like about working in the Syracuse area?

KT: I have lived in many places, but Upstate NY has some great things going for it. Syracuse is a central distribution for the entire state as it is located directly in the center. And the finger lakes are beautiful in any season.

Sutton Closes Three Deals

Real Estate Associate Broker Stephen Saleski and Director of Brokerage Bart Feinberg represented the seller Skaneateles Properties, LLC in the sale of three properties; Skaneateles Suites, 4114 East Genesee Street, Cottage House, 4102 East Genesee Street, and Boutique Hotel, 12 Fennell Street, Skaneateles. All three buildings are lodging facilities consisting of a total of 20 suites with a sale price of $1.8 million. The buyer, Norman E. Swanson, was represented by Martin McDermott from JF Real Estate.

Bart Feinberg and Real Estate Salesperson Karen Cannata-LaRocca represented the seller in the sale of 5655 East Taft Road in North Syracuse. The 1,512 s/f building sits on a one-acre lot. Mark Rupprecht from CBRE representedGary Gasparini, the buyer.

Stephen Saleski represented The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the purchase of 50 W. Kendrick St. in Hamilton for $220,000. The seller, St. Mary’s Church, was represented by Joyce Mawhinney-MacKnight and James Furney of Pyramid Brokerage/Cushman Wakefield.


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